Certified Standards


In order for a machine to be classified as Certified we subject it to a rigorous inspection, testing and reconditioning process to bring the unit to a "like new" condition.

Item 1. The unit can not have been in the field longer than 30 days. (many of the certified units are simply damaged box items with zero use at all).
Item 2. There can not have been frame damage or major system failure. 
Item 3. All of the units components are inspected by a factory authorized service tech for proper function.  
Item 4. Components found to be worn, or damaged are replaced with OEM components.
Item 5. The unit is given a compete maintenance, hinge points are inspected and lubricated, belts and adjustment are properly aligned. 
Item 6. A factory reset and calibration is performed on the unit, making it ready to be used in "like new" condition when it arrives at your location. 
Item 7. All Certified units are eligible for a nation wide 1 - 3 year parts and labor manufacturer's warranty. 


Item 1. Reconditioned units are machines that may have been in the field for 31 days plus.
Item 2. These units are inspected and all of the mechanical and electronic systems are tested by our service team.
Item 3. Any issues are addressed and the unit is is repaired with either OEM or 3rd party components. 
Item 4. Reconditioned units may come with standard 90 day parts and labor warranty.
Item 5. Some units of these are still eligible for the 1 - 3 year parts and labor warranty however there may be comedic blemishes that disqualified them from being classified as a Certified unit. 


Item 1. Used units are cleaned serviced found to be without mechanical or electronic defect and sold AS/IS