900 MHz Audio & Video controls

Landice - 900 MHz Audio & Video controls For Cardio control panel only works with MYE systems

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Only available in Colorado

The new MYE Eclipse Smart Programming TV Audio Receivers attach to any cardio machine to provide the clearest possible audio from any ceiling or wall mounted TV. Members simply select the desired TV and enjoy audio from their favorite programs.

  • Smart Programming – One receiver wirelessly programs TV Transmitters to all other receivers. Saving installation time and cost.
  • Headphone Jack Replacement Alert – Flashing icon alerts maintenance to replace worn or damaged headphone jack.
  • Works perfectly with all MYE, Cardio Theater and other wireless audio transmitters.
  • Combined 900/800 MHz – One Receiver works worldwide.
  • TV Audio & FM Radio combined so members have choice to enjoy TV audio and local FM Radio.

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