AW-5 5lb Steel Add-on Weight

AW-5 5lb Steel Add-on Weight

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AW-5 5lb Steel Add-on Weight (NOT Compatible with HFT, PFT, JLC-FNCT, JP-FBT)


  • Allows for increases by 5lb increments (and 2.5lbs for machines that include functional cable arms)
  • Inter-locks with Top Plate so that it cannot slip or fall off
  • Machined from solid steel (steel cannot be damaged like rubber style add-ons)
  • Painted with a durable baked on powder coat finish 
  • Built for both commercial and home use
  • Designed to specifically work with BODYCRAFT gyms* (can be used with other brands)

Compatible with: Galena Pro, XPress, X2, X4, GL, GLX, GXP, Elite, Jones Lat and F431 Lat.