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DGYM Pec-Rear Delt Component (no stack)
Pec Rear Delt station modular component for the DGYM

Model: DPEC


Developing a lean, muscular chest is an integral part of every weight training routine, and sculpting a full, balanced chest requires a wide array of movements that target muscles from a variety of angles.

Works as a modular component on the Pro Dual 3 or 4 Stack DGYM. Price includes 200lb. weight stack for DGYM.


Assembled Weight: 169lb / 76.66kg

Assembled Dimensions:
Width: 34.00in / 863.60mm
Length: 57.00in / 1,447.80mm
Height: 69.00in/1,752.60mm

Package Dimensions:
Width: 21.22in / 538.99mm
Length: 42.72in / 1,085.09mm
Height: 17.64in / 448.06mm
Volume: 9.25 ft3 / 0.26 m3
Gross Weight: 103.40lb / 46.90kg

Package 2 Dimensions:
Width: 16.81in / 426.97mm
Length: 51.65in / 1,311.91mm
Height: 8.94in / 227.08mm
Volume: 4.49 ft3 / 0.13 m3
Gross Weight: 85.80lb / 38.92kg

Package 3 Dimensions:
Width: 33.50in / 850.90mm
Length: 60.94in / 1,547.88mm
Height: 8.70in / 220.98mm
Volume: 10.28 ft3 / 0.29 m3
Gross Weight: 139.90lb / 63.46kg

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